What is the prerequisite for good search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization is a closed book for many. Many people think that they can simply pay a certain value to Google and already their site will appear at the top of the search results. Nevertheless, everyone can at least to attempt to create the conditions for a good Search Engine Optimization.

Create a website for users

First, of course it sounds strange that one should not optimize a website in search engine optimization just for search engines, but it is actually quite logical. Google is trying to use its search algorithm accurately display the results in the organic search results, where the future visitors will find it. Therefore, this algorithm is adjusted repeatedly, and websites that are not geared to visitors, entwine worse or even punished. In addition, increasingly affect the user experience and the click-through rate the algorithm. Thus, Google, to offer the visitor exactly what they want, and not just deliver a website with keywords, also defines it.

If you want to set up a good website for its visitors, you will also soon find out that it automatically avoids many SEO mistakes. Users want a clear layout of the site and interesting content and relevant topics. Visitors do not want duplicate content. Misleading and irrelevant links – whether external or internal – fall in visitor-friendly websites also away immediately. The keyword density also plays a significant role.

Why there are SEO experts?

In addition to the person who wrote interesting content is also, needed someone who knows the various measures of search engine optimization and the possibilities of web design? Often authors do not know the options that open up when designing a website, do not think of speaking URLs, alt tags, H1 and H2, Meta descriptions, XML sitemaps and link structure. All these aspects /and many more/ must be taken into account.

Cooperation is everything

Thus, at the end it can result in a best-optimized website. The author of the content and the SEO experts have to work closely. The maintainer of the website provides the content and SEO expert puts it in the form which they then apart from the competition. The visitor is satisfied and the site improves its search results – thanks to a crucial SEO rule, which is – Make the website for visitors!


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