Web design it is the screen design. Example the design it is the functional and visual design of a website. Via the web design, the complete structure of the website is planned with all functions and sub-pages and then they are carried across the screen design in a visually appealing form. In short: A good website is always based on a good web design. Web design consists of many elements: There are many hurdles from the first planning to create the navigation up to the graphical implementation, which taken into account. Here are some key factors to consider in each of these elements:


The content and design the site must meet the expectations of the target group to which it is directed.
Tip: Ask your customers for their opinion! Do you like this website? Do they have suggestions for improvements?


As much as necessary, as little as possible. This principle also applies to websites. Every superfluous bells and whistles only distract from the actual content.

Our tip: Leave an innocent person to go through the site map to discover unnecessary pages and features!


Especially in the navigation and layout of the site reflects the clarity. Thus, the necessary sub-pages or features are also arranged so that everyone will cope.

Tip: Put a specific hierarchy of pages and place the key features and pages in a prominent place!

Ease of use

From the three above-mentioned factors, the most important factor is composed, which must always be considered in web design: the user experience. What good is the best site if the user does not handle is?

Our tip: Tag joy of use: Give your visitors enjoy a sense of achievement through small, easy handling and attractive graphics!

Practical implementation in web design

So far, so good. However, how can these web design tips to be implemented successfully? This is best seen with reference to some important steps of web design.With them will meet you in the next article.


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